Re: ASE - 100 Gig Wave

Please review the Mailing List policies which specifically prohibit commercial discussions on the list. I would ask the list moderators to chime in here please


Actually, that language was intended to prohibit soliciting business and not asking for help. I have some hard words to describe like Shane Ronan, but I will forbear.

I suggest you cease and desist before this gets ugly. Obviously you are underemployed.

Get some work to do.



And by the way, it would not be making these requests if there was not a severe capacity shortage in the Pacific. I don’t like telegraph what I am doing, Shane.

Far from underemployed and I’m not worried about it getting ugly, in fact, my next email will be to Eric Gutshall to complain about being threatened publicly by one of his employees.

I don’t think this will end well for you.

I see we’ve got the big swingers out today. Everyone’s got something to prove.

That was one thing I liked about the old ISP-Bandwidth list. That’s pretty much what all of the conversation was, trying to find quotes on services. I didn’t order anything from there, but it was nice being a fly on the wall.

I doubt that. You’ve been at it for months with requests all over the world. It was only a matter of time before someone said something.

A very different and more appropriate list for the OP’s posts than NANOG.

I have nothing to prove other than improving the quality of posts to the mailing list.

Hi Rod,

Yes and no. “Would you help me identify who does cable between A and B?” may be on topic. “I’m soliciting bids for X” is certainly not. The “three year term” statement pushed you solidly into the latter.

Bill Herrin

Tend to agree with this. Asking what’s available is cool. Full on procurement bits, less so… Mark.

I'm in two minds about this... I'm on & off NANOG, so have no recollection of the OP "doing this" more than once.

I think a NOG list is appropriate for finding out where network may exist, especially if locations may be hard. It's (not so) often that there is the odd request about network into Africa. Never quite paid attention to whether those requests come with commercial bits or not, but if they do, I'd just ignore those anyway.

The OP's question seems alright to me. I can see why the contract term may tickle folk, but I'd just ignore that and consider the preceding protein that matters to NANOG.

There's a lot of capital on this group. What else is it for if not to find out where one can get network?


A quick search shows the OP made 10 similar posts in just the month of March, which is what prompted by complaint.

CC back to the mailing list for visibility, since I ate the CC list.

If only we had some way to segregate out different topics
of interest or disinterest, so that people who weren’t interested
in questions about bandwidth availability could unsubscribe
from those topics, and only subscribe to the topics that did
interest them…




Perhaps the sales, marketing and ‘business development’ people who’ve never typed “enable” or “configure” into a router a single day in their lives might be better served with a dedicated list that is mission focused on bizdev, and not operational issues.

Indeed. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

The Jews in the 19th century were given a neighborhood in each European city. It was called the Ghetto. Some of us would prefer to live in a Ghetto where people can ask for specific assistance on network capacity or route problems and the like. An affiliated, but separate list.

Many of us who have no interest in programming routers (my interests include physics and Medieval music) would gladly never post again in the main forum. The Ghetto would allow people to post articles about new networks or pose questions for help on finding capacity. I would not have delete each day 99% of NANOG messages or be subjected to flame fights. Moderators could keep their main constituency happy by maintaining a very narrow focus. The Purists would be delighted. The overworked IT guy or gal would never see any other post about how to extend a 100 gig wave to Mars.

But there would be no marketing of boxes or networks in the Ghetto. No posting of I got $1500 wave available between 1 Wilshire and 60 Hudson. Marketing simply drives good people out. Just a place where people sourcing can ask questions and people who want to help can do so without breaking rules and being threatened.

NANOG does depend on telecom sales to finance its real conferences. So, a complete divorce is unnecessary and counterproductive given that sales already moved for the most part to Linkedin. But there is a wealth of knowledge among engineers and network managers on who has what and how to get from point A to point Z. Some of those people are willing to share it and there should be a dedicated place to do so. For example, Mehmet provided valuable assistance which will benefit some of my customers.


1. Anyone who's using a professional-quality mail client like mutt already
has this capability. There's no need to modify the mailing list to
accomodate people who choose to use any of the lesser mail clients that
don't facilitate basic threading, filtering, and sorting.

2. This is a low-traffic list, so even without appropriate mail client
support it's really not a big deal.


* (Rich Kulawiec) [Sat 20 Mar 2021, 14:03 CET]:

2. This is a low-traffic list, so even without appropriate mail client support it's really not a big deal.

The volume isn't the point, the S:N ratio is. Mails like this thread's starter are off-topic and reduce the value of the list to its subscribers. Your reasoning is easy, common and fallacious.

  -- Niels.

Plenty of volume being created for something - I presume - most folk on this list won't be able to respond to with protein anyway.

Not seeing the issue, really. As most have done, if you can provide protein, respond. If you can't ignore.

Next thread.


Unfortunately, the *rest* of the thread did more damage to Friday's S:N
ratio than the original post did.

And adding "topic" tags to the subject line doesn't actually help the food-fight
scenario, as those can break out even in [TOPIC] tagged threads. To tilt it
the rest of the way from sub-optimal to outright pessimal is the fact that
some subscribers may find a thread has gone off into the weeds, while others
consider all the details interesting.

So having a kill-thread command in the MUA is the most realistic place
to deal with "this user doesn't want to hear from this thread again".