Appointment Tool Public Beta

With the launch of NANOG 86 registration, we are making our new Appointment Tool available as a Public Beta. If you decide to use the tool, please keep in mind that it is a Beta Release.

Features that are still in development are as follows:

  • Ability to accept/deny within calendar modal popups
  • Ability to read and respond to messages from within the modal popups
  • Add the ability to upload a profile photo and update the attendees to show this image in small format
  • Redo the event attendee list in React with event creation modals (this will take a few weeks to build out - the entire attendee list has to be redone in React with pagination and sorting)
  • Add notification next to “My Account” in the main nav if there are pending invites and tie this into membership status. and not a complete tool.
  • Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar support.

Please provide feedback on any bugs you encounter or additional features that you would like to see.

Thank you for participating in our Public Beta Program.


@gnewman we should add a month view to the calendar to speed up reaching the proper dates of the event. Or maybe add some way to jump to the upcoming NANOG events.

@gnewman Maybe something like this could help:

@gnewman is it possible to have the agenda view show all of the upcoming appointments, no matter how far they are in the future?

@emcnair What we have to do is set the calendar to month view instead of week view to get an expanded - but for length of the event, I think a week view is sufficient and would list all appointments for the week. Is there a reason to have more than a week?

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I added Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar support to the unfinished feature list.

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  • I can make appointments for whenever I want, and there’s no tie in to if I am registered for a meeting or not. ETA for lock down of appointment dates?
  • Need to be able to say I’m not available for appointments w/out losing access to the calendar. AKA if I’ve got enough appointments, but don’t want to take more, how would I turn that off? Right now if you change to not accepting appointments, bye bye access to calendar
  • Time Zone needs to be prominently displayed somewhere

@emcnair Hello, sent out a few invites for nanog 86. Received a response from a partner that my meeting invite was delivered for a date not during the event.

The dates are correctly selected as 10/18 and 10/19. These appointments show correctly on the calendar, but under the ‘incoming invites’ and ‘sent invites’ tabs the appointments are listed and shown with incorrect dates (in this case 10/2).

I am very sorry about this unfortunate bug. I am reaching out to our Senior Developer @gnewman to correct that bug. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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@nlessaris thanks for reporting this bug. I’m looking into it now. Just so I understand, the calendar email are correct but the incoming and sent list a date that is off by about 16 days?

Updating status…
I’ve replicated the bug and working on a fix for it. Thanks again @nlessaris

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Suggestion, could you add a ‘Show NANOG Program Agenda’ option on the calendar, so you can make sure that you don’t accidentally schedule a meeting over a talk that you’re actually interested in?

Also, being able to set ‘hours’ for meetings would be great. I just had a meeting sent to me for 11:30PM through Midnight.


Thank you for the recommendation. It’s something that we are working on for the full release of the software.


Another suggestion is to include the company name on the invitations. On my most recent invite my invite included:
Subject, Inviter Name, Note from Inviter. There was nothing about where they worked for, and I couldn’t click their name to pull up any sort of profile for them. And since they used my company name for the subject, I had no idea who they were.

Good point. We will consider your request. Thank you.

I’m seeing a lot of invitations from last year that I never acted on. Can these be hidden or automatically deleted?

I am not sure. I will reach out to @gnewman to see if that can be done.

I cannot accept or deny an invitation. In Chrome if I click on the invite the text inside the appoinment shows up for a split of a second and then it goes white. In Firefox it open and closes itself everytime so I’m unable to use that tool.

Sorry to hear you are having a problem. I am adding @gnewman to this thread. He is our Senior Developer.