ZyXEL Gear

I'm looking at some non-Cisco price options to deliver more than 4 SFP slots into a structure and was wondering if anyone had any experience with ZyXEL's offerings in the service provider market. Specifically MGS-3712F or GS-4012F

Thank you for your comments!

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I don't, but you may want to take a look at Planet:




Thanks, Josh!


I'll note as a followup to the Ipv6 thread, I'm a _HUGE_ mikrotik fan. One of the CCR models has 4 SFP's.


I'll add that if you are comfortable with MikroTik, and can wait a few
months, they have announced a device with 12 SFP slots, and one SFP+ slot.

It's the CCR1016-12S-1S+, and I expect it to come in well under $1k.

--Eric (not OP)