zone transfers

Bill sez:

I am running an audit of the in-addr zone to determin the extent
   of defective delegations. If your systems have delegations for
   zones under, they will be probed during the course
   of the audit. It is expected that the audit will complete within
   the next 8-10 days, if there are no interuptions.

Ed sez:

This would be a very useful report to run at appropriate (monthly?)
intervals, with results posted as far and wide as Tony Bates's
CIDR Report.

OK, I'll bite. Bill, how exactly do you plan to do the audit? If it relies
on zone transfers as the Subject: hints, I am not optimistic, as many folk
inhibit AXFR from strange sites.

OTOH, grabbing the COM, NET, and ORG zones from the NIC and just seeing how
well those delegations work would be a major contribution, especially if it
could be couched to encourage repair.