Zoho Mail - SPF & DKIM Records...

Greetings Team,

Has anybody set up SPF & DKIM for a domain whose e-mails are handled by
Zoho? Running into trouble setting them up.

Warm regards,

Michael Bullut.

Hi Michael,

Yes, very familiar with Zoho. What's the problem you're encountering? Feel
free to get in touch off-list also.


Ken O'Driscoll / We Monitor Email
t: +353 1 254 9400 | w: www.wemonitoremail.com

Not DKIM, but, SPF, being the simplest, yes. I doubt that's much help.

To get DKIM setup with Zoho you need to open a support ticket with then and they will give you the instructions. When I set it up it was a manual request to them and not something you could self help.

SPF is simple, just add this to your record: include:zoho.com