Zimbabwe satellite Internet link restored

Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank authorized release of TelOne's, the state communications operator, payment of satellite charges to Intelsat in foreign currency. Intelsat restored its satellite link, which was
the primary Internet connection for most ISPs in Zimbabwe.

To raise hard currency, TelOne is trying to get diplomatic missions and ISPs to pay in foreign currency for Internet service.

I'm a little surprised they came back up. I can certainly see the
benefit for the regime to have - unavoidably, no money! - no Internet
for the public (whilst they no doubt have private

Or it could be a sign that the internet is sufficently valuable
to the government that they must restore the link. Some may be a bit
suspicious of the internet being that critical, but it just may be the case.

  - Jared

And sufficiently heavily demanded by the regime that having their own
satellite access is insufficient.

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Of course it's valuable. If the major donors to the government coffers
say so. (Apologies if that's TOO cynical, but it seems to be a trend in
some countries having that kind of problem.)