zebra/ospf issue


I'm experimenting with using Zebra running on a Debian box to do OSPF with
the Ciscos on our network. The zebra box has 2 interfaces, each in a
different area. This is the first time we have tried to impliment
multiple areas on our network. Right now, area 51 consists only of the
zebra box and a Cisco 2500, and is just for testing.

The zebra box is forming a full adjacency with the Cisco in area 51 with
no problems. It will not, however, become fully adjacent with the DR and
BDR in area 0. This seems to be preventing the distrobution of routes to
the zebra box.

Distrobution of routes in area 51 works fine.

Here is my config, minus auth info.

! Zebra configuration saved from vty
! 2002/02/02 16:35:11
hostname ospfd
log file /var/log/zebra/ospfd.log
service password-encryption
interface lo
interface eth1
ip ospf authentication-key <password>
interface eth0
ip ospf message-digest-key <keyid> md5 <password>
ip ospf priority 5
ip ospf hello-interval 10
ip ospf dead-interval 40

router ospf
ospf router-id
ospf abr-type cisco
ospf rfc1583compatibility
network area 0
network area 51
area 0 authentication message-digest
area 51 authentication
redistribute static

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.