Anyone know why Zayo still hasn't renamed the BGP AS network names for all
the AboveNet ASNs?

Not to poke fun at Global Crossing, but they changed Level 3's AS name in
less time (which, if I recall, took over a year to happen...)

I don't see Zayo using the brand anywhere lately...honest
question. I know small details like the name of your AS can slip through
the cracks in an acquisition THREE YEARS AGO <>,
but's been a while...

They don’t want to disrupt their Alternet peering sessions.


UUNet would have been 40% funnier. (I rounded up from 39.975%)

ASNumber: 701 - 705
ASHandle: AS701
RegDate: 1990-08-03
Updated: 2012-03-20

Although not having been updated yet makes it one of the older
registry entries, having just passed 25 years..

Yes, alternet only appears in their in-addrs, last I knew.