Youtube TV Location error. Google Confirms issue but can't fix.

Anyone here from the Youtube TV side of Google? I've had a ticket open for 2 months on one of my /24 subnets getting the wrong City location. Every ticket reply from Google confirms that they see the incorrect location, They reference that it is part of a larger geo-location problem with YoutubeTV, and it's been sent to engineering. For 2 months Engineering has been 'working on a fix' with no ETA.

Anyone know what this massive geo-location issue is that they reference, and when it will be fixed? Other subnets are locating correction, just this one /24, that's part of a larger block I've had for 20 years.

Nate Burke
Blast Communications

Did you try this?

YouTubeTV does better geolocation if the network connection is WiFi. In that case, geolocation can reference the WiFi database that Google scrapes when they take the Streetview video.


Did you try this? Report IP problems - Google Search Help

Also, do you publish an RFC8805 style Geofeed?
(RFC 8805 - A Format for Self-Published IP Geolocation Feeds). If so, have you added it
to ?