YouTube streaming failures

We are getting many customer reports of YouTube streaming failures. The content directory and search work, but attempts to view videos results in "something went wrong, click to try again" error messages. We've reproduced the problem on AT&T, Level3, Frontier, Cox and Comast networks. We are also seeing it on cellular data connections, which tends to rule out geo-IP errors. Is anyone else seeing this?

-mel beckman

I'm seeing this as well, but only on Apple and Linux products. Seems to be working fine on Windows.

Thank you,
Brett A Mansfield

I cannot stream on AppleTV or iPhone. Works on my laptop.

Comcast, Massachusetts.

verizon wired, comcast (on a mobile device) both work in IAD's area.

Downdetector shows a big spike in reports for youtube in the past several

Youtube is aware, according to a boilerplate message in their support forum:

Hi there, welcome to the YouTube Help Forum!

"YouTube is aware of the issue. Please stay tuned to YouTube's social media
and the forums for any announcement of a fix.

Thanks for reporting!"