YouTube IP Hijacking

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Sargun Dhillon wrote:

So, it seems that youtube's ip block has been hijacked by a more
specific prefix being advertised. This is a case of IP hijacking, not
case of DNS poisoning, youtube engineers doing something stupid, etc.
For people that don't know. The router will try to get the most specific
prefix. This is by design, not by accident.

You are making the assumption of malice when the more likely cause is

one of accident on the part of probably stressed NOC staff at 17557.

They probably have that /24 going to a gateway walled garden box which

replies with a site saying 'we have banned this', and that /24 route is
leaking outside of their AS via PCCW due to dodgy filters/communities.

I guess you guys missed the news that Pakistan has "blocked" YouTube
due to [mumble]:

AS Name
AS17557 PKTELECOM-AS-AP Pakistan Telecom

- - ferg