Youtube CSIRT - Backbone Security : Runtime Monitoring and Dynamic Reconfiguration for Intrusion Detection Systems

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Let me introduce myself : Guillaume FORTAINE, Engineer in Computer
Science. Me and my partners, INVEA-TECH (please see the attached file
invea.pdf) [0] and Cognitive Security (please see the attached file
cs.pdf) [1], are currently working on High-Speed Network Security

By the way, we would greatly appreciate to invite you to a further
reading of the publication entitled "Obeseus � a lightweight DDOS
detector for big attacks" (please see the attached file obeseus2.pdf)

The point mentioned: "Would be self-learning with black lists" in this
publication is of particular interest . We think that this last one is
pretty much the core of a system that does big attack detection on
backbones and is driving the new tools in this area according to our
readings. The abilities to be assisted on the learning phase, to
detect and block zero-day attacks.

That's why we would greatly appreciate to invite you to a further
reading about our methodology (please see the attached files
paper4.pdf, Camnep.pdf and CognitiveSecurity.pdf).

For a demo :

We look forward to your answer,

Best Regards,

Guillaume FORTAINE
Tel : +33(0)631092519
Mail :
Google Wave :


What happened, the old OEM PowerPC cellphone gig didn't work out ?

Seriously the Obeseus document you keep promoting is 100% useless.


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Yes the spam is annoying.

It is annoying that the moderators have let go on a lot longer than they
have some operational discussions.

But what is REALLY annoying is the people who quote the crap around my
filters after I have had to take local action to staunch the flow. And
changing the subject line to defeat the filters is an especially
annoying touch.