YouTube CDN down?

Suddenly having an inability to play YouTube videos over IPv4 and IPv6 from
multiple ASNs in multiple locations in the United States. Tried multiple
operating systems and browsers...all have the same issue.

(The very few that do play stall out, even though they're buffered.)

Is this just me, or is there an issue afoot?

Seems to be working here over a IPv6 tunnel (Chicago endpoint).

Watching in dev tools, the CDN is returning the dreaded HTTP header 204 (No
Content), even though the entire video is buffering.

This reminds me of an outage a while back that only affected IPv6.

I've confirmed with other users, and YouTube is dead to us from these
- AS22645 (Texas Gigapop) - v4/v6
- AS19108 (Suddenlink) - v4
- AS40285 (Northland Cable) - v4/v6
- AS40244 (TurnKey) - v4/v6

It does seem to be regional. People in SC/NC who are presumably hitting
the Charleston DC are unaffected.

yt is working for me:

2607:f2f8:a2c4:/48 /