YouTube AS36561 began announcing

Axel Morawietz wrote:
>> [...] Its
>> amazing how prolific 1.x traffic is.
> one reason might also be, that at least T-Mobile Germany uses 1.2.3.*
> for their proxies that deliver the content to mobile phones.
> And I'm not sure what they are doing when they are going to receive this
> route from external. :wink:

If has been widely used as de-facto rfc1918 for many years,
perhaps it is time to update rfc1918 to reflect this?

There's no way it's as widely used, and generally speaking, it appears
that those who have used it have done so out of ignorance and(/or?)
stupidity, sometimes blindly following documentation without
comprehending, etc.

It isn't clear that the Internet should give up a large chunk of address
space because some businesses made poor business choices. After all, we
already allocated a bunch of private space for them to use.

... JG

I seem to recall that the WIANA project "decided" to use for the "internal" network within their meshAP project...

random data point from memory.

I don't know about that. Before we abandoned our prior managed-hosting facility for stuff we managed ourselves, ALL of the servers they were managing were using for their "internal" address schemes. And this is a pretty decent sized company (Terremark) who I would have thought would have had a clue on it.

That said, I agree "people who didn't listen to RFC1918 deserve every bit of pain that they've got coming to them", but I bet there's more morons out there than you're giving the universe credit for.