Your class 'B' address space

If the registries would start allocating address space that has been
recovered from the swamp to this sort of company, then the problem would
be solved. If a company needs multihoming capability but will never use
more than a /23 then what is wrong with reusing swamp space?

Michael Dillon - E-mail:

What swamp? There is active space and dormant space. Registries are
generally provisioning out of active space (by definition) and the
dormant space is delegated space that is not being provisioned from
-at this time-.

Current dormant space does have some interstital gaps of undelegated space.
This is true -all- the way down the delegation heirarchy. (retorical
question; have you used 100% of your cidr block?) There are efforts to
develop a process to identify and reclaim prefixes that are inactive
and are expected to remain so regardless of the active or dormant state
of the block.