Your class 'B' address space (fwd)

Just to add fuel to the fire, he seems to have sent
out *another* one.

This is really getting old, Mark.


----- Forwarded message from Curt Howland -----

From Tue Sep 29 11:04:32 1998

X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0.2 (32)
        system@BEACH.UTMB.EDU, D.Nash@UTEXAS.EDU, copeland@UNT.EDU,
        tribunes@KODAK.COM, jackie@TRAVIS.CSD.HARRIS.COM, Fred.Lowe@SUN.COM,
        Patrick.RAMAHEFA@BULL.NET, norm@TC.FLUKE.COM, lm-nic@LMCO.COM,
        shearer@THOMAS.GE.COM, lm-nic@LMCO.COM
Content-Length: 291

You appear to have a class B net that isn't reachable from my site, or
perhaps your net is entirely behind a fire wall?

Anyway, I'm wondering if you want to try to sell your class -B address

Best price someone has offered me so far was $200,000

Mark Vickers
RealNetworks, Inc.

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FYI, I just noticed that this had been put on the FCC Web server
earlier this month, see