Your Christmas Bonus Has Arrived

Do you have subnets that are not in use, or only used for specific
purposes? If so, please contact us.

We are paying up-front (or escrow) for the use of networks that are not
used. The networks are used for honeypots and other research.

You do not have to modify your BGP announcements, establish a GRE tunnel to
our network and forward packets over the tunnel.

The networks may be used for a month or longer, you are paid an agreed upon
price per each month of use.

Your confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed. Only you will know that
you're making money on your un-used or single/special-use networks.

We do require a minimum of /24.

... Heh



Do the blocks have to come from a company I still work for? If not I have
a boat load..

... Heh


If domain squatting and patent trolling are both legitimate sometimes

multi-million dollar businesses are you really surprised?

Sounds like another middleman for 'bulletproof' hosting services for people who generally are up to no good.

As far as I'm concerned, they can have as much of 10/8 as they want. My rate per /24 is very reasonable.


I believe this company is the one that sold the MS & Borders blocks, so they may be "legit" (whatever that means in this context).

Also, they may be using a GMail account because it is likely they crossed some line with people (perhaps even the NANOG mail admins) and need a disposable account.

Or maybe they really are running their business off *

Oh, I don't think they'll fall for that, everbody knows 10/8 and 192.168/16 are
private networks. However, I bet I can underbid Justin with some of the /24's
off the end of 172.16/12 - my HPC people aren't using anywhere near the
whole allocation and will never notice a bunch of /24's off the end. :wink:

What do you have for those that don't do the whole Jesus thing ?

Is there a comapny behind that gmail mailbox? And they could make a deal with MS & Borders using the same mailbox?

That would be Hell..

And you remain responsible for malicious activity of IPv4 Brokers .....

   Janos Mohacsi

I also do not know what "legit" means in this context, but will note
that we have added a public list of all recognized specified transfer
facilitators to the ARIN web site:


Facilitators are aware of ARIN's address transfer policies and agree to
comply with same. Note that any qualifying parties may transfer space in
compliance with policy, but folks may find it easier to work with one of
these facilitators to find a matching party for transfer. Facilitators may
make use of information in the optional Specified Transfer Listing Service
(which lists those who have space available or prequalify as a recipient)
but not required to do so. Similarly, parties which may have space available
for transfer or wish to prequalify in advance to receive address space via
transfer may also register in the Specified Transfer Listing Service (STLS).
More information is available on the ARIN web site <> under

FYI (and Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

John Curran
President and CEO

I love the anti v6 stuff on some of their sites!

babalyonian fertility icons? (you -did- bring an evergreen tree into your
home, yes?)


Some of which seems to float between fear-mongering, possibly mis-appropriated quotes, half-truths and information that is flat-out wrong. I would not trust the judgment and opinions of someone who even admitted in one of their blog posts that they had "no hands-on Service Provider IPv6 experience."

While I can understand why IPv4 address brokers would take a decidedly anti-IPv6 stance (deploying IPv6 cuts into their potential business), that doesn't make it any less underhanded.


I'd have been more impressed if they actually came up with
the stories by themselves, as opposed to linking to existing
stories that their link titles take out of context.