You Tube Problems

This was recently posted to a mailing list I'm on from the UK. I'd laugh it
off, but I've been seeing the same thing here in NYC on my Verizon DSL - a
lot of the time I''m only getting around 200kpbs out of YouTube while
speedtest shows I have 3mbps.

Any comments?


Any relation?

I think that refers to mobile. I am talking common and garden residential
3mpbs dsl.


No, that has to do with wireless users, not DSL. Wireless is an
entirely different part of the Verizon empire.


This is only in the last week or so.

What might be a possibility is that YouTube is actually choking under the
demand for Egypt related footage, nearly all of which is hosted on the site.


The overall bandwith utilization from Oklahoma has spiked due to the snow. I'm sure other ISPs are seeing similar issues where people aren't able to get out. The first day, we hit our usual peak high at 10am, and up she went.