YAY! Re: Atrivo/Intercage: NO Upstream depeer

Hello Mark,

What's YOUR motivation to consistantly attack my company?

What's my motivation to continue working @ InterCage?
To keep a roof over my family's heads, and to keep them well-fed:
1.) Myself
2.) My Wife
3.) My near 2 year old Son (November)
4.) My near 3 week old Daughter (Born Sept. 4th)

It's great that you finally accepted the claim of InterCage being associated with the famed "RBN" as being "alledged".
You've taken the first step into seeing how much BS information has been spread out about our company.

Whether you support me in my anti-abuse endeavor or not, as long as you get FACTUAL information, I'm happy.
However someday, I trust you will find and accept the truth about InterCage. From what I see now from the claims your making, that day may not come soon.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.


North American Network Operators Group A membership organization that
provides for the exchange of tecnical information among public, commercial

I think this conversation should have ended way long time ago.

My $0.50 cents + $1.00 or $2


It's actually starting to look like WHT.

Hello Mark,

What's YOUR motivation to consistantly attack my company?

I don't know this Mark, but it seems like he is copying your strategy of "stay up last and you win" as you both make little sense.


Anyone have a measurement so that we can see the impact and give
Intercage some credit and set a baseline, regardless of how they got
there, and move on?