YAY! Re: Atrivo/Intercage: NO Upstream depeer

Hello Pedram,

Until everyone fully understands the truth in ENGLISH, this topic will continue. This is what they demand.

As long as there are questions which relate to us, I will continue to respond.
When it's set in stone, and the false claims and false statements are corrected, this topic will cease.

I hope soon, people will realise and accept the truth that we are a LEGITIMATE Company that DOES Operate in the USA. We are NOT directly or in-directly related to any Russian's. We do NOT support, write, directly distribute, or knowingly allow the distribution of malware or other abusive activities to originate from our network. While the previous statements are questionable in the public's eye, I hope some time, you will understand it IS the truth.

Prove me wrong, PLEASE.
If you know of any further malware or further abusive activities, such as the claimed C&C Botnets, please PLEASE don't hesitate to tell me. abuse.intercage and russ..intercage and emil.intercage are live and operational. We are currently investigating the rest of our clientel and any site's or communities you can recommend to follow, we will follow.

While it is clear that this will not be accepted by the community any time soon, it will eventually be accepted. That is what I am waiting for, however long it takes.

I can't stress this enough. We DO need your help to locate and eliminate abusive activities from our network. I know you have information, and I need you to atleast reclaim the faith that we WILL be very active against abuse originating from our network, and we WILL be proactive to locate and eliminate abusive activities on our network.

Thank you very much for all your time and future assistance. Have a great day.

AS27595, and all prefixes which you advertise, will be ultra-scrutinized.

You can be sure that you, and many others, will know if & when criminal
activity re-appears inside prefixes hosted by Atrivo/Intercage.

The gloves are off, so to speak.


- - ferg