YAY! Re: Atrivo/Intercage: NO Upstream depeer

put my fate into companies I shouldn't have.


Yes, they have been with you for years -- it's quite unfortunate, such great

Take those customers who steal identity from the public -- did you get a
cut, or just the hosting fees?

Next, move to those who host trojans, rogue antivirus, bill people for fake
(and keep billing them), etc. Oh, and the ad-ware, despite being a lower
security risk, it was
some of the most hated stuff out there.

I'd say you have put your fate into companies you shouldn't have -- not just
your fate but your business.
This is the logical result (actually, this is just the start). I'm surprised
it took so long.

You can't wash away years of malicious activity by simply claiming innocence
and disconnecting
some of your worst offenders.

Male parta male dilabuntur.

For the NANOG folks who apparently don't understand what is going on and are
easily socially engineered by these claims of innocence -- do a little


Hold the rejoicing, Atrivo is back, this time on UnitedLayer.

I'd contact them, only they seem to change CTOs every month or two,
does anybody know who's currently in charge?

Thank you, and Drive Slow,
Paul Wall

Well, their management team is listed here:


- - ferg