Yandex DNS with Sophos antivirus blocking TrendMicro services

Hello Guys.

For 2 day I experience an issue with using my trendmicro software. For some
reason web check didn't worked. I try to investigate this issue and found
that yandex dns services blocking all trendmicro sites. I use yandex secure
dns ( servers and for my home environment,
which using Sophos antivirus for threat detection. If I change my dns
server for another like google dns or some dns servers of my home ISP all
works fine.

Please if there some guys from yandex, Sophos or trendmicro help to resolve
this issue. I'm very happy with my TrendMicro antivirus system and happy
with yandex secure dns, but even Sophos or yandex blocking TrendMicro sites
I and all peoples who use TrendMicro products and yandex dns can't use it

Thank you.

It will be more efficient, if you report this issue here:

Thanks for that -- luckily, this issue has been fixed.


- - ferg