Yahoo reporting "No MX or A Records" and bouncing emails

Greetings Programs,

Yahoo is bouncing email that is being sent to a customer of mine with the
error that no MX or A records were found for the domain. There is nothing
wrong with the domain at all, which I have verified from multiple sources.

Does anyone have any suggestions about who I can reach out to at Yahoo to
get this matter resolved?

Many Thanks,

Jonathan Rogers
PCM, Inc

Multiple sources including DNSSEC-aware ones like ? If the
domain is failing DNSSEC, it would appear normal to conventional DNS tests.



Excellent point. I'm running an analysis on the domain in question now...


Jonathan Rogers
PCM, Inc

DNSSEC does not appear to be set up on our name servers (which is where
their DNS is), but this has never been an issue before. In searching the
web about this specific message all I am finding is people saying:

1. Yahoo refuses to acknowledge or fix this, and it is happening to a lot
of random people
2. Get email other than Yahoo (which isn't really helpful and I can't
exactly tell my client that)

How do I get a real person at Yahoo?


Jonathan Rogers
PCM, Inc

FYI, I had a client report the same Yahoo error over the weekend when attempting to send to a working domain. Our determination was that it was a sender side (yahoo) issue. It did not appear that yahoo queued or retried the message and instead instantly (or very quickly) gave up. This seems atypical MTA behavior upon what could be (and likely was) a temporary DNS resolution error.


Jonathan Rogers wrote the following on 10/15/2013 3:18 PM:

If that's the problem, then Yahoo's error message is factually incorrect,
and needs to be clarified.

-- jra

A really good first step is to indicate what domain is
having problems, so people can double-check to
make sure there's nothing unusual or broken
seen from other parts of the network, and if
necessary, escalate the issues with private

I'm assuming it's not for the domain you're
sending your email from, in this case; but
if that's a bad assumption, please let
me know.