Yahoo mail abuse contact?

Randy Cassingham at This Is True is complaining in his newsletter that
he has something like 15K undeliverables to Yahoo email addresses,
because, as he understands it, some of those people clicked Yahoo's
'This is Spam' button, and he can't find a way off the list.

Anyone got a pointer to Yahoo closed-loop stuff I can point him at?

-- jra

Several people were nice enough to provide pointers and
encouragement... one of them may or may not have been who sent his
plight also to Slashdot, whuich appears to have shamed the responsible
department head out of his office. Thanks.

On an unrelated topic: I may have discovered the
"," problem's source:

I think it's the list.

I sent this message manually, typing in by hand as the
To address.

The reply-to is apparently *both* addresses, since that's what Mutt
picked up when I hit 'r'.

-- jra

Except that I don't see any Reply-To line on this message of yours.

    --Steve Bellovin,