yab (yet another BOF) in LA

I haven't seen any mention of Bradner's announcement here.

There was a very interesting proposal that I remember seeing on this
list, where a set of short route exchanges for parts of 192 would be
advertised as an aggregation, and then tunnels could be created for the
"holes" out to the appropriate terminal AS. Something like IP Mobility.

I don't remember who initially proposed this. Would they please stand up
for it at the IETF LA meeting? Or would it be OK if I raise it?

Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 15:59:55 -0500 (EST)
Sender: ietf-request@IETF.CNRI.Reston.VA.US
From: Scott Bradner <sob@newdev.harvard.edu>
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Subject: yab (yet another BOF) in LA

  There have been a number of threads in the responses to the
Last-Call for draft-ietf-cidrd-addr-ownership-07.txt. I'd like to hold a
BOF to take a closer look at some of these threads. (Since I'm a AD I OKed
my own BOF) This BOF is the result of proposals from Bill Simpson and Tony

  The BOF will explore options to mitigate the growth in the size and
change frequency of updates of the Internet routing information in the
following two ways:

  1/ Engineering the Internet Topology - are there ways that the
topology, addressing, or procedures of the current Internet could be
altered to reduce the pressure on the "backbone" routers? This includes
physical and virtual (via tunnels) topologies.

  2/ Alternate Routing Paradigms - are there alternatives to the
current routing paradigm (BGP/CIDR) that could be developed to mitigate the
effect of the very rapidly growing Internet on the routing infrastructure?

  This BOF will not be an anti- anything BOF; specifically it will
not be an anti-CIDR (or pro-CIDR) BOF. The idea is to get people to
present their ideas about avenues that could be explored for short term and
long term ways to keep the Internet routing structure viable. It will also
not be a BOF to explore other ways to build routers that might scale
differently than existing products.

BOF procedures
  All speakers must register in advance (by sending me email)
indicating that they want to speak - they must include a short (1 or 2
paragraph) description of their topic. They must also indicate if their
solution is short term (next 12 months), mid term (12-24 months) or long
term (24-N months).
  Before I leave for LA I will sort through the requests I've
received. I will weed out those who do not indicate that they will be
presenting a specific proposal then figure out how much time each speaker
will have. I plan to have a discussion period after each presentation.
The discussions will be the same length as the presentations.

BOF outcome
  This BOF may or may not result in one or more working groups in one
or another IETF Area. I would hope that proposals will be presented that
will be worth following up on. This BOF will be in the Operational
Requirements Area but that does not mean that any resulting working groups
would also be in the same area.

  The Explorations of Alternate Routing and Topology to Help the
Enormous Net (EARTHEN) BOF is scheduled for Monday at 9:30am (the open slot
selection is poor at this time)



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