[YA] Class B Purchase


My advice in this instance would be to sue Sprint for antitrust violations
because if you win then you get triple damages awarded and Sprint
definitely has the bank account to pay out on the award. Forget the
registries. They are just trying to do the best they can in the awkward
situation that was created by Sprint.

Wow. You're _really_ confused.

The situation wasn't created by Sprint, it was created by the lack of self
control on the part of the other ISPs. Remember when the filters were
first instituted. Remember the growth of the routing tables. Remember the
maximum routing load the routers back then could handle.

The registries _relied_ on Sprint's filters to give some teeth to "it's a
real good idea to go to your upstream". Sprint (read: Sean Doran) was the
ONLY isp to have the cajones to risk outrage to try to limit the
proliferation of long prefixes. If it wasn't for Sprint's filters, there

AGIS used to have a page that stated the same routing filter policy as
Sprint's. -Hank