Anybody have a noc phone number for these guys?

I can't seem to find anything on them publicly, except the usual hype.

Thanks for any help.


One assumes 888.699.6398 (customer care line for data services) isn't what you're looking for?

Jane, had you actually read many of the postings on this
list before jumping right in and posting 20 times a day, you'd be
aware of the NOC list:


  Additionally, googling for XO Communications NOC nets
us all sorts of information:


  The first rule of NANOG:
    * Use a search engine before asking NANOG.



I'm not interested in hold or music over a phone line or whatever xo
thinks is what customers want to listen to.


Ian Cooper wrote:


guess I'm just not as good at it as you are. Thanks for the info.

Second rule of nanog, you shall get the information you wish if you are
willing to:

1) ask
2) ignore flame

thanks again, the contact info is great.


"Majdi S. Abbas" wrote:


    Can anyone tell me about the prospects of getting high speed (T1 level) connectivity in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico ? Anyone have any experiences down there (with regards to the Internet) ?

    Please feel free to contact me off list.

While I do not like a ton of hold music either, if the wait isn't
ridiculous, and thats who you're sposed to be talking to, then thats it.
Tis nice how customer no-service has become the norm as layoffs and budget
cuts have run wild in the sector the last couple years.