XO Routing

Anyone know the impact on the XO Routing/Peering that is happening right now? We have had spotty connectivity for the last hour.


The internet health report is showing high latency to most of their peers.


This should probably be on outages@, but XO is definitely having problems to places like speedtest.com & RCN from Boston.

XO Engineers are telling us that they are aware of packet loss across their
network and are looking into it. We're experiencing slow/degraded
connectivity out of St. Louis and Nashville but Atlanta and Dallas are
problem free.

William Collier-Byrd

Stefan Molnar wrote:

> Anyone know the impact on the XO Routing/Peering that is happening
> right now? We have had spotty connectivity for the last hour.
> Stefan

I don't know the exact impact but I've had my Covad and AT&T customers
ready to hang me because of what's going on.

As of right this moment, my Covad connections are slowly coming back but
have been acting spotty, I haven't heard complaints about the AT&T side
for about 30-40 minutes.

My POV, Covad is shaky because of their peering to XO. AT&T might have
corrected itself.

David Hubbard wrote:

> I know their own phone systems went down, or perhaps
> were overloaded; we lost our office connection to them
> but our phones remained online. I called their tech
> line by cell, was told thanks for calling XO, we are
> experiencing technical difficulties and then it hung
> up on me. :slight_smile: This seems to happen about once a month
> with them though so I'm used to it.
> David

Their own phone systems... I have a lot of clients whose providers peer
with XO whose phone systems went kaput (one way audio, resolved, nope,
resolved, nope). This is one of the downsides of working an ITSP. Trying
to explain to clients why another provider they've never heard of is
impacting their business. Oy VoIP, how I loathe you.

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XO began advertising way too many prefixes, a few hours ago. Most
likely tripping most of their peers max-prefix limits. Filters are your

Looks like XO has stopped advertising its peer's prefixes. Sessions
coming back up and stable.

Hopefully they don't treat this the same way they treat their billing,
otherwise you all will be degraded for months or even years. It is
absolutely amazing that this company is still in business.


The unconfirmed chatter I'm hearing is that they were leaking peering routes to other peers. Can anyone check and confirm this? Renesys?


My sales director said it was their peering.

The "big guys" will always remain in business, or be absorbed into
another equal or larger entity to form an even bigger one, regardless of
their practices. (A fringe exception would be AT&T's court ordered
breakup.) The larger they get the much more spectacular the faults tend
to be.

Whereas with smaller providers like myself, how I treat my customers
factors in as a major aspect to whether or not they stick around. I
can't compete strictly on price with the big guys, but I do absorb their
BS and shield my customers from it as much as possible. If I treated my
customers like the big guys do, I wouldn't have any.


First problem with a statement talking about technical problems: "My sales director said...."

Second problem: "Peering" does not cause internal routing loops. Er, should not.

Third problem: "Was".