XO is broken

I mean it. XO Communications is a wonderful example of an organization
so f*ed up that they cannot fix a simple static routing problem in a week.

Anyway, it is very enlightening to be a real paying customer of an ISP,
to see how much incredibly bad things are. Well, i guess i should start
from the beginning - i've got my SDSL (finally) reconnected (another
Northpoint casualty). Now, the lights are green, the signal is there,
packets do not get in. Time to call Tech Support,

The folks there are very polite and after the mandatory router config
checkup i'm promised everything is going to be fixed the first thing
tomorrow when the repair team shows up for work (hmmm... 9-to-5 repair?
I've got a "business" service package, i expected somewhat better

Tomorrow comes and goes, nothing happens. Calling XO Tech Support produces
only yet another CPE config examination, and another promise. Next day --
nothing happens. Calling again, hearing apologies for the repair team
inaction, more promises.

Ok, next few days are spent explaining it excuriating details that yes,
DSL side works, packets get out but incoming traffic goes to someplace
nobody can positively identify. I'm asking to take a look at routing
tables at the boxes A and B. Surprise! "Can't do it - we do not have
access to these boxes". Closer examination shows that XO Tech Support
cannot even tell if the customer link has a signal on it. Not because they
don't know how to do it, but because "it is a highly expensive equipment
and we are not given passwords so we won't break it". Yes, "highly paid
certified engieers only" can look at the things. Tech support is
administratively prohibited from LOOKING at the operational status and
configs. I'm starting to wonder if they have an issue with trade unions
but get no confirmation to that.

Now, i ask to escalate. They oblidge. No useful result. I'm asking to
put me in toch with someone who can actually do meaningful diagnostic, and
told that no, sir, our policy is never let engineers to talk to customers.
Well... Another escalation, supervisor promises to personally oversee the
repair. Day later, packets are still routed to Elbonia. Talking to tech
support completely lost any meaning - they're out of question, I exhausted
all "options" to get hold of someone who can do things in that wretched
organization. Along the way i'm lectured on how wonderful division of
labour is, and how well it serves customers.

So... Is there anyone in XO with a clue? Help? I do not need apologies,
i need a working network. TT# 83008.

Now, i'm still amazed by the humongous idiocy of an organization which
prevents their front-line people from doing their job by taking away their
tools; and lets their customers to be at a mercy of some shadowy group
which never calls back and so has no chance to get any feedback. If i
cannot even reach anyone in the _repair_ organization, i suspect that any
really complex problem which needs a real engineer (not a certified
monkey) won't be solved at all.


PS. CEO of my employer also has a DSL line from XO. Also not working.
    Guess what chances XO has of getting our business (we're an ASP).

Btw, everything is simple - if company can not set up the service, it set up low
prices and attract the customers - (until it'll blow up).
No doubt, they have good organized, perfectly built service department, sales
department, professional service, etc etc - everything except the brains...

This sounds like my NorthPoint nightmare with MegaPath. They have given me
two install dates which have both passed. Phone calls are useless, because
after an hour on hold you are forced to leave a message (Why am I on hold?).
The knee-jerk response for most problems is to blame the local loop. I
imagine that if I ever get things hooked up again, I will be in a similar

Is it that difficult to allow the first level of support to actually be
helpful? At least being able to check to see what the routing table looks

Jason Lewis
"All you can do is manage the risks. There is no security."