XO contact

Can someone from XO who handles this neighbor help me out with a BGP session going down? This is the second time within a week where a misconfiguration of an ACL on XO end is bringing down my BGP session with you and its frustrating to go through the normal tech support chain.


Do XO engineers still read and participate in this mailing list?

We've been going back-and-forth for a couple of weeks now on a newly installed XO circuit. The circuit does not work, and we've heard reports of engineers resetting an ML100 card, possibly RE Cisco's CSCec78266.

We have publicly-traded companies in the facilities, and it would be wonderful if we could get in touch with a knowledgeable XO engineer?


If you can reply to me with the ticket details and number I can make
sure it get looked at by the right folks.


Eric J. Mort
Sr. Manager - IP Operations
Desk - 314-787-7826
Cell - 314-486-9057