XGS-PON/GPON vendor with PoE ONTs


I'm looking for a for a vendor that has XGS-PON/GPON ONT's with PoE
ports (preferable 4).

Adtran and Calix don't seem any model that has PoE.

Zhone (DZS) has one but we don't like the CLI/config, to complex.

Huawei also has PoE models but we prefer not to use them.

Anybody knows any other bigger vendors that have PoE support?

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I think Nokia has a few ONT's with POE

Thank you
Travis Garrison

Yes, Nokia has some ONTs with PoE, but are not really the requested size.
I'm only aware about the U-090CP-P and the bigger U-00160CP-P, but they have 9
Ports or more...
Not aware about any standard G- or XS- residential ONT with PoE..

I've never used the U series ONT, so no real life experience.

As the ONT should all be using OMCI, any reason not using Zhone ONT with
another OLT Vendor to avoid the CLI issue?
Or are they that special and don't work with other OLT?

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Calix GPR8802x is the only Calix XGSPON capable device that I know of with POE, but it’s a full 1RU business oriented device and not really designed (or priced) for standard residential CPE.

380W total, up to 60W per port spread across 6x Gigabit ports, and 2x 2.5G ports

Rest is a 10G WAN SFP+ (for XGSPON SFP), 10G LAN SFP+, and 8 POTS ports.

You could try a GPON/XGSPON ONT SFP (SFU mode provisioning) in your favorite PoE switch/router.

I know with GPON, there are some nuances in the OMCI that cause frequent issues with interoperability between ONT and OLT vendors.

I believe many of these were resolved with XGSPON, but you should consult your OLT vendor. At minimum, expect to potentially into a situation where you cannot bulk upgrade the ONT firmware from the OLT over the OMCI but instead have to do it with L3 connectivity to each ONT.

This is probably your best bet. I think basically everybody has a "ONT on a stick" in their catalog now for both XGSPON and GPON. Then provide your own switch that meets your needs for local ports.

This may be annoying if you actually want to provision several services across multiple ports. Obviously you can probably do it (VLANs, etc.), but you'll have to provision the switch separately. I've done some similar things in the past where I pre-provisioned the switch with e.g. two ports per VLAN (reused on different switches) so I could just drop a service onto whatever VLAN of the UNI on the ONT that I wanted to.

Usefully, this gets you options for not just PoE PSE demarcation but also PoE PD demarcation which can be very handy if you want to have the optical to electrical hand-off somewhere that there isn't (good) power.

Sure there were issues, but the OMCI specification got updates and BBF also
tests ONTs

That is a small list, but not every vendor will do it for every device, maybe
RFP driven to get a BBF certification.

If you get a current device I would just test it and wouldn't change the OLT
vendor, if it works as expected.

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Nokia has a product that covers ONU interoperability, but I cannot vouch
for it as we are only using Nokia ONT’s.


Calix just announced this today.

XGS pon with 4 poe ports. One 10G three 1G.


Nokia you want the G6 XS-010XR-P line and the 230 enclosure

UBNT also has XG and GPON PoE devices, you can dual power them from their USB + 24V passive - Their XGS unit does not do POE.

I don’t recommend using the GPON SFP modules, the device they go in may not signal to you enough information of what is going on, and I’ve seen random issues with them locking up in the past which is rather unpleasant to say the least.

All that said, having a vendor that integrates well in your environment without driving up your opex with per-unit fees is going to be important based on how you deploy.

With 10g-20km bidi optics being so cheap I would almost say to just deploy something there instead it might work better.

- Jared