Xfinity (both ends) - can't ping from users home to office

Hey, is anyone on here able to check routing for Xfinity residential to Xfinity business?

I have a client that is unable to ping his office Comcast Business connection from his home Xfinity connection. It was working a month ago and we can confirm that his connection works over his iphone's hotspot. I am able to ping from my own xfinity residential (same city) without issues. I suspect something in the routing from his home connection is messed up as tracert/ping can't even resolve his office's IP. The client called Xfinity residential support and they blamed the inability to ping the IP on his office vpn connection.

Has anyone else his this and if so, how was it resolved?

Thank you in advance!

Thank you,
Spencer Coplin

Sort of. Try having him change the MAC address of his residential CPE router so the BNG sees it as a "new" device. In my case that resolved connectivity issues after Comcast did some "network maintenance" and broke everything for me.

Alternatively, have you tried working this issue from the Business side? You'd probably get more leverage that way.

Thank you, he has the xfinity provided router/modem, so no cpe router to make a change on. I don't think we can change it's mac address. Good thought on pursuing it through the business side and I'll proceed with that.

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Spencer Coplin

Kevin, you are amazing! This absolutely fixed our issue. Thank you so much!