www.dhs.gov looking for input for future solicitations

for those who don't speak inside-dc-beltway,
the below is a request for information that
a well-funded federal agency will use to write
a proposal solicitation, to which folks
(including but not limited to operators)
then write proposals to get ops research funding.
(and ultimately, presumably for implementations/

so if you want to influence what the U.S.
department of homeland security funds in
the area of IPS (not my meme), jan 2004 is
an opportunity to tell them what to ask for.
you are encouraged to take it, lots of people
there trying to do the right thing and could
use help from experts regarding what exactly
that is.

formatted below, unreadable version of your very own at:


Uhm, read the IEPS mailing list archives?

It appears DHS has ignored 2 years of work and comments, and simply
re-issued NCS' wishlist again.