Wrap-up of the Yipes! query..

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NANOG readers....

OK...this is a wrap-up of the Yipes! query I sent out a little while
ago. In listening to all the responses I got back (most of which
were, 'me too' queries), I've got the following picture of

1. Their sales person is quick to introduce himself, but since this
post, I've mad a query into company status, funding, and more serious
engineering-type queries, with NO ANSWER.

2. They're not funded yet, and selling WAY below cost. Does this
mean that a year from now they're going to triple their prices?

3. I've heard 2:1 in horror stories about Yipes! not being able to
deliver. Not even T-1's in these cases when a drop-dead delivery
date was given.

4. I've heard a few short replies about "we're been using them for x
months (2-6) and never had a problem, they deliver what they
promise". But what about their support?....no one's seemed to have
dealt that way yet.

My verdict? I'm going to hold off, going to pursue Cogent
(www.cogentco.com) and see if they have a better offering/stability
platform. They appear to...give that a look if you have an interest
in getting fiber.

Good luck, thanks for the replies!

Ralph M. Los
Asst. Vice-President, Internet Systems and Security
EnvestNet Advisory Corp.
(312) 827-3945 (direct)
(312) 296-9003 (wireless w/voicemail)