Would the list object...

I personally don't object, per se, but I dropped off the inet-access list
earlier this year due to the unbearably low signal/noise ratio. If the
NANOG list were to become a cacophony as did inet-access, you can scratch
this list too.

I figure that if anyone on inet-access is interested in the discussion(s)
here on NANOG, then they are already subscribed.


- paul

I figure that the point of the hypermail archive is to make the NANOG
wisdom available to ISP's that are on the steep part of the learning curve
so they do not have to join the NANOG list and ask their FAQ's here.

IMHO this is a good thing (tm) and I will promote it on all the ISP lists
with a warning about asking newbie questions on NANOG. The list archive at
http://www.nanog.org is OK but a threaded one would be more valuable.

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Let me guess: Last spring during the CDA rants with Karl going full bore?
Yup, I logged off it too for a while. It's better now, few messages,
more signal. But the s/n is still a fraction of nanog:(

Still, as someone on the steep side of the learning curve I'd love to
have hyper-access to the things this list has covered.

--- David