idNames, now a part of Network Solutions, offers registration in country code TLDs
for companies that would like to do that. Is that fraud? What am I missing here?

well you are offering something you cant deliver... we are just about
to register domains in 30 countries for 2 customers and a lot of NICs
want a trademark
proof, that this company has a trademark in this country..
second: often the company must have an address in this country... e.g
you cant register a domain in the TLD of germany .DE if you cant
provide an adddress in germany.

what are you doing, if your customer doesnt have a "real" address in
germany ? you have lost.... btw: the german NIC is a real desaster

To do this kind of job, you need a *lot* of letters, papers etc to complete
it in all the interesting TLDs...

Well every company can do their business, i think over 17.000.- is a lot
of money...but everybody can decide to get to Worldnic or not :-)))