Worldcom outage

Has anyone heard of the worldcom problem in the Baltimore/Philly area?

<> indicates that "Worldcom is currently experiencing an interruption of service in the Northeastern United States."


Yes. +1-800-MFS-CITY was able to confirm there's a significant outage
somewhere around BWI/PHL/IAD, but could not offer an estimated repair
time, information regarding the cause of this failure, or anything
else of interest. I was told Worldcom also lost power in one of their
NYC metro area facilities last night, resulting in approximately 90
48's (carrying what, I do not know) down, but I believe that's since
been resolved and these two incidents are totally unrelated.


Hello All , Posted for a friend that doesn't have access at the
  moment . JimL

Is anyone else having problems with Earthlink Satelite Service or more
specifically Hughes Network? I had a system installed on Tuesday, it worked
for about ten minutes then has not worked ever since. The Tech Service
reports that they have Engineers working on it, no estimate time of
resolution. Is there are any Earthlink Engineers out there that shed some
light on this?