World Trade Center attack

The USA is currently in state Delta, highest alertness state as if War has

been declared. (Based on report on Fox News in the last 5 minutes)

ThreatCon Delta (how its called in the Navy at least)
means that your base is either under attack, or an
attack is likely.

This has nothing directly to do with DEFCON's - which
relate to readiness for war, not local attack.

I heard that all bases in the DC area are in
ThreatCon Delta.

Marshall Eubanks

Correct. FP (Force Protection) Condition Delta is the highest alert.
Though I've heard it's only the US East coast posts that are at Delta;
I've had reports that most overseas bases are at Charlie. FPCon is a
localized alert state and will vary by location.

DEFCON 2 has been reached, I believe.

DEFCON 1 does not necessarily equate automatically to war, however. It
is merely the maximum level of force readiness.

Mark C. Langston
Systems & Network Admin

Marshall Eubanks

DFAS, DCSC, Wright Patterson, and all of the other installations I'm
familiar with in the Central Ohio area are at ThreatCon Delta.

Selfridge AFB just north of Detroit is also at ThreatCon Delta

For what it's worth, there appears to be (at least one) web page
detailing this:

To quote:

e.THREATCON DELTA applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has
occurred or when intelligence has been received that terrorist action against a
specific location or person is likely. Normally, this THREATCON is declared as
a localized condition.

          (1) Measure 41. Continue, or introduce, all measures listed for

          (2) Measure 42. Augment guards as necessary.

          (3) Measure 43. Identify all vehicles within operational or
mission-support areas.

          (4) Measure 44. Search all vehicles and their contents before allowing
entrance to the installation.

          (5) Measure 45. Control access and implement positive identification of
all personnel--no exceptions.

          (6) Measure 46. Search all suitcases, briefcases, packages; etc.,
brought into the installation.

          (7) Measure 47. Control access to all areas under the jurisdiction of
the United States.

          (8) Measure 48. Make frequent checks of the exterior of buildings and of
parking areas.

          (9) Measure 49. Minimize all administrative journeys and visits.

          (10) Measure 50. Coordinate the possible closing of public and military
roads and facilities with local authorities.

          (11) Measure 51. To be determined.

My understanding is that all US Military Bases, domestic and abroad are at
ThreatCon (Threat Condition) Delta, and that DefCon (Defense Condition) 2
was in fact declared yesterday as well.

I imagine that we'll be in this state for a some time as well....

/Alexander Kiwerski

There are ThreatCon Charlie boards up at Moffet Field in CA.


Maybe Moffet hasn't got their ThreatCon Delta upgrade patches yet.



Well, just goes to show (again) the news isn't always right :wink:


Found on Reuters:

Brokerage Cantor Fitzgerald and one of its subsidiaries had 1,000
people working on four of the top 10 floors of 1 World Trade Center.
Cantor said it has compiled a preliminary "safe" list of 150 to 200
employees who have been accounted for

Some got out of the top floors, but not many :frowning: