Working on a long-term ipv6 multihoming solution

This is a follow-up to my and Jason's presentation from Wednesday.

Several people mentioned in the hallways that they were interested in
following this issue and possibly helping work on the solution. If you
are one of them and haven't already seen a message subscribing you to
the mailing list, please send email to:

It would be helpful to indicate whether you are interested in following
the work or in actively participating in it.

Note that "ipmh-interest" is not the actual mailing list (there will be
two separate lists established: "ipmh-discuss", which is a open mailing
list to follow and track the work and "ipmh-design" which will be a
closed list for a small, focused design team.

If anybody has issues with this list being hosted at Cisco (it is most
definitely not a Cisco-only effort and shouldn't be perceived as such;
I'm only hosting it there for convenience), please provide that comment
too; if there is strong consensus, I'll be happy to move the list to a
more "neutral" place.


P.S. Jeff Burgan: can you please contact me offline? It looks like your
     employer's email system is misconfigured and is bouncing all mail that
     I attempt to send to you.