Wither DSL?

Where is "here"? If it's anywhere near the DC area I may have to make
some calls....

Here is PA. However, I believe Verizon offers this plan throughout former
Bell Atlantic territory, including DC, and MD. You need to ask for
"Virtual Office ISDN". If you commit to 2 years it's down to $62/mo here
in PA, I think about $40 in DC, MD, VA and WV.

> > Northpoint is gone. Covad and Rhythms are both clearly poised
> > to be bought and borged into some larger unfriendly telco. Is
> > there any non-monopoly DSL option left?
> I don't think Rhythms is rapidly going the way of Northpoint...not borged,

Typo here...delete "don't".

> but just abandoned.
> > What are y'all telling your customers?
> Well, around here, Verizon has finally come up with a semi-affordable ISDN
> unmetered plan, and our NASen still do ISDN :slight_smile:

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