WiT Mixer to Occur Before N91 Conference, Sponsorships, Talk of the Week + More

Women in Tech Mixer to Occur Before Conference
Plan your Travel to Arrive Early to NANOG 91

The NANOG 91 Women in Tech Mixer will take place Sunday, 09, June in Kansas City, MO.

The Women In Tech Mixer welcomes all attendees that identify as female with she/her pronouns.Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to make career-changing relationships with other women in the industry.


Sponsorships Available for NANOG 91 + Beyond!
Invest in the Strength of the Community We Have Built

Sponsoring NANOG Conferences has many benefits:

  • Showcase your newest technologies + solutions

  • Increase your brand’s visibility + reach

  • Amplify your organization’s message

  • Connect with industry influencers + decision makers

  • Empower people + inspire change


NANOG Talk of the Week
Alerts Don’t Suck, YOUR Alerts Suck! w/ Kentik’s Leon Adato

Why it’s worth your time: With 775 views in the last month, this talk is one of our most viewed videos from NANOG 90.

Description: Nobody “likes” getting alerts. In the best-case scenario, an alert is received because something went (or is about to go) wrong. In those cases, recipients can at least be grateful they found out before things worsened. Far more often, however, people hate getting alerts for the exact opposite reason: They are meaningless, trivial, or just plain wrong—a source of constant interruptions, false alarms, unplanned work, and “noise.”

While many are convinced that this is the inherent nature of alerts (and monitoring in general), it can be so much better…


Early Bird Gets the Worm
Take Advantage of Discounted Registration Prices + Access to Hotel Info

Early registration prices will end on 08, April. Those who register early will also have early access to hotel details.