WISP NMS recommendations

Although this would probably be better suited for one of the WISPA lists, I'll respond here anyhow since there seems to be some interest.

For managing Canopy elements, Motorola Prizm is probably the way to go. First of all, you'll need it to handle element authentication for your PtMP system. It will also do configuration management, alerting, and all the usual NMS stuff. It's also *possible* to get it to work with other SNMP capable devices if you want to manage other vendors' equipment. It will work out of the box with the Canopy PtMP line, PtP devices, powerline carrier devices, and (I think) the MotoMESH line. It gives you all the info you need at a glance for each element: configuration history, RF power level plots, bandwidth utilization plots, alert history, etc.

FYI if you haven't used it, Prizm is a pretty clunky and slow Java-based package. The features are nice, but configuring it can be a chore.

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