WISP NMS recommendations

Hi Folks,I am looking for recommendations on an NMS system for use in
managing a multivendor wireless infrastructure. Specifically we run mostly
Motorola point to point, point to multipoint(Canopy platform) and mesh
radios devices We have looked at the One Point Wireless Manager but this
product in our evaluation doesn't seem to be ready for prime time and also
has the limitation of only being able to manage Motorola. Ideally we would
have something that could be used for configuration management in a multi
vendor environment as well as recieve SNMP traps about RF issues such as
latency and jitter. I am curious to what other shops are using out there. If
this is a top better suited to another list, my apologies and any pointers
to a different list would be greatly appreciated.


That's an excellent question, Freddie. I am also interested in what people are
using for WISP Infrastructure. We also use Motorola PTP, Canopy, as well as
Airstream, Ubiquiti, Trango, and WaveRider.

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Freddie Sessler wrote:

This list is quite active:


We use Intermapper. It's very flexible, and offers a 'wireless probe' package, which covers Motorola Canopy and their PTP products, along with several other hardware vendors (Alvarion, Atmel, MikroTik, etc). Also, it's written in Java, and runs on just about anything.

It does monitoring and (very basic) graphing, but not management. They have a pretty well documented and simple scripting language for writing new probes as well, which comes in very handy. I've written probes for several Dragonwave products, and submitted them to the community.

Their support is also very responsive, which is always important.

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This list is quite active:


+1 for Wispa. Several knowledgeable people on there, and it's quite active.

Lately both NANOG and WISPA have had very high signal. Hopefully it keeps up! :slight_smile: