Wireless Pt-Pt in Orlando FL ?

Hi all,

If anyone knows of a company who can provide internet connectivity via
fixed wireless in Orlando, please contact me off-list. I'm looking for
DS3 or higher. I welcome any experiences anyone may have had with this
type of service.


Thanks to all who replied to my original request for Orlando. I'm
looking for the same info now for Washington DC.

I need to organise temporary Internet connectivity via fixed wireless
at DS3 or higher rates. Preferably microwave link, and I can provide
necessary equipment for the duration of the link (about one month) if
need be.

For those who made LOS queries, my end of the link would be Connecticut
Avenue NW, 20009, about 11 stories up.

It would be extremely advantageous if the far end can give me native
IPv6 connectivity also.

As last time I welcome both positive and negative experience with
these kind of ventures and local companies.

Many thanks !