Wireless/Free Space Enterprise ISP in Palo Alto

Apologies if this is not the most appropriate forum for this, but I am not
aware of a better list to use.

I recently took over responsibility for the network connectivity at an
office in downtown Palo Alto (University and Emerson). Unfortunately, and
perhaps ironically, the connectivity options here are not as great as I
would like- currently they are using DSL, there is no cable service, and
lead times for T1's and above are higher than I would like.

I have already started the process of getting fiber from the city of Palo
Alto between the office and Equinix/S&D/PAIX/529 Bryant, which will resolve
the problem. However, the city's time estimate is longer than we need, and
experience implies there may be delays.

So- I am investigating wireless/free space ISP's in downtown Palo Alto, and
also possible options for doing a point-to-point wireless connection
between our office and 529 Bryant (I am reaching out to Equinix on this).

Any pointers to known good providers, or other suggestions would be very
welcome- off list is fine. I am already reaching out to a telecom broker,
but wanted to reach out for suggestions.

To clarify- I am trying to get either a) rapidly turned up IP transit or b)
rapidly turned up point-to-point (presumably wireless) between 529
Bryant/PAIX and the office (University and Emerson).

Thanks very much!


I can't help with most, but for wireless gear check out the ubiquity nanobridge stuff. Cheap fast and good. I've seen these work at 5km range with high speeds (eg: 30-60mbps) when using 40mhz channels.

Works well to bridge the last mile in cases where you have access to mount hardware. A pair costs around $180 or so.

Jared Mauch

I haven't done wireless in downtown palo alto, only metro-e however.

Given your proximity to 345 hamilton (under 1000 feet most likely) I
would think at&t would be in a position to offer fairly high-rate dsl,