Wired: Russia Is Taking Over [portions of] Ukraine’s Internet

As always, complicated things are complicated. After Crimea was annexed by Russia, they learned the importance of controlling the telecommunications infrastructure. No, Russia did not cut a submarine cable, because there was no submarine cable connecting Crimea.

In the old days, pre-1960s, invaders & revolutionaries would take over the capital city AM/shortwave radio station. Now they take over the ISPs and

Russia Is Taking Over Ukraine’s Internet
In occupied Ukraine, people’s internet is being routed to Russia—and subjected to its powerful censorship and surveillance machine.

Technical analysis confirms that the connections are switching. Internet monitoring company Cloudflare has observed KhersonTelecom’s traffic passing through Miranda Media for more than two weeks in June. Doug Madory, director of internet analysis at monitoring firm Kentik, has observed around half a dozen networks in Kherson connecting to the provider. “It's not a one-time thing,” Madory says. “Every couple of days, there's another company getting switched over to Russian transit from Ukraine.”