Wired Q: Embedded NT

Hi all,

James Glave at Wired News again. This time around I am seeking opinions on
behalf of a friend up at Wired (the print magazine) -- concerning embedded
NT. I couldn't find any discussion in the nanog archive, so I'm wondering
if anoyne here has any experience with, or knowledge of, embedding NT in
networking hardware - if that even makes any sense....?

From: Jesse Freund <freund@wired.com>
i'm working on a piece about nt-embedded and i have a couple of questions.
i'm hoping you might be able to hook me up with a smart network operator or
someone else in the know or perhaps you know. basically, i'm curious why
the hell someone would want a version of nt embedded in a switch or router?
and who provides the custom solutions nt-embedded is meant to replace?

Thanks, all!


James Glave, Senior Technology Writer
Wired News http://www.wired.com (415) 276-8430

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FWIW, Berkeley Networks is an example of a company who has already done
this -- http://www.berkeleynet.com.