Windows UDP packet generator software?

The goal of what I am doing is to test some network convergence impact
in a lab with two PCs with windows (Can't run Linux, it would be
easier if I could) and switches and/or routers in between.

So, I thought there must be some simple utility out there that can
just start spewing out UDP packets to the other side at a certain time
interval and I can look at packet loss via what arrives on the other
side with wireshark on the PC.

I found hping but it seems to be outdated and I can't get it to work
on my windows boxes.

Anyone have any suggestions?

d-itg works very well. you can create
reports of loss/jitter etc. windows and qos don't work so don't try
setting qos values as they will just be reset to 0 by the windows
tcp/ip stack.


Two suggestions:

1) (I haven't actually run this
myself, but it's description seems to fit the bill)
2) (iPerf in client mode can spew
UDP packets in configurable bursts)

iperf might be able to do what you need and there are Windows builds available, but I'm not sure if it has a mode where it's not flooding the network trying to test maximum speed. Is there a reason that standard ICMP pings aren't appropriate if you just want packet loss info? Obviously every platform worth using has ping built in.

I can imagine plenty of circumstances where someone might want
by-protocol indications of service, rather than the relatively basic
link-test that ICMP provides.

Another vote for iperf....


In UDP mode, iperf sends at 1 Mbps by default. You change
the rate with the -b flag. There's an iperf-2.0.5-cygwin
build floating around for Windows.

If anyone needs a per-compiled iPerf.exe, no need for cygwin libraries, lemme know.

It's a great tool!

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+1 on iperf there is also jperf gui for the people that don't like iperf

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