williams spamhaus blacklist

Blocking wcg's corporate mail servers is not the solution.

It is the ONLY solution that works, as shown many times including
the case just posted to this list about Sprint.

Sure, it may get
someone's attention at wcg, but it may also harm a lot of "innocent"
communications, sales talking to clients, other wiltel customers
requesting support, heck, the secretary ordering lunch to be

These people are also victims of bad corporate management and
they should complain to their managers, not to their fellow victims.

There are laws against spam. If you have evidence, sue in civil
court, or get a DA to go for it in criminal court.

There are no presently enforceable laws for this kind of corporate
abuse. The only thing that works is hitting the malafactors directly.

Regarding BLs: no one forces anyone to use them. They are used
because recipients don't want to get trash.

Those with a quiet moment who want to see a novel, amusing and detailed
ventilation of this issue may take a look at

<http://www.camblab.com/nugget/spam_03.pdf&gt; (some details dated)
<http://www.camblab.com/misc/univ_std.txt&gt; (work in progress)

I'd welcome any comments.

Jeffrey Race