Will your cisco have the FBI's IOS?

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

I have read the filing it's another step down the road. True all comms
are subject to intercept _already_ what is desired is a way to _easily_
perform the intercept and the easily part is the kicker. Some things
should be hard especially where civil rights are involved.

It can not be emphasized enough that what the Feebees want now
is what they always have wanted....

That's NOT just a way to intercept What You Say, but a way to
intercept What You Say INEXPENSIVELY FOR THEM. They can and do kick
on CO doors with paper in hand; but they want to save shoe leather.

This is a budget issue for them. Thinking it is purely a technology
issue is a trap, as it is anything but. It's a manpower/staffing
resources one.